Outdoor battery dead in 20 days

I don’t know that I would say good experience. My battery lasts about 40 day in a relatively high traffic area (30 to 40 events a day) and with a 1 min cool down


If that is the case I would probably contact Wyze support

I’ve not tried all of the steps yet, no. But if the battery says it’s at 100% , does it really matter if it was charged from the base station or another charger? I’m curious about the science behind the battery lasting longer if charged from the base station, if that’s the claim they are making?

Camera was at 100% charge yesterday when I took it outside to do a time lapse, taking a still photo every 15 seconds… So 4 photos a minute. So how long SHOULD the battery last under those conditions? Or was a feature Wyze advertised that was desirable to me. But I would say overall, the camera recorded maybe 4 hours total of time lapse photos over the course of the entire day (not 4 hours in a row.) Motion detection wasn’t on and it wasn’t streaming video during that time, and it has a strong WiFi connection to the base. Yet my camera was dead… 0% battery… at the end of the day.

Maybe that’s expected? But I certainly didn’t expect that. If I wanted to do an actual full day of time lapse photos, I’d have to use a USB battery with it. It wouldn’t be close to able to endure an entire day.