Outdoor and RTSP

Will the new outdoor cam support RTSP?


I preordered the outdoor cam in hopes that it can be flashed to the firmware that supports RTSP. Really hoping that is the case!

Basically, the base station is a NAS…wouldn’t it be nice if you could backup all the other Indoor cams to it?

Backs up Local Recordings

We’ve included a microSD port in the Base Station itself so that you can backup all local recordings (including time lapses) from your Wyze Cam Outdoor. Even if your camera is stolen, your recordings will be backed up to the Base Station.

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Were you able to flash the outdoor cam firmware using the RTSP version of the firmware? Did it work or not work?

I currently have two Cam Pan units with the beta RTSP firmware and stream 24 x 7 video through NetCam Studio.

In their livestream they Said it cannot be RTSP or flashed and they currently have no plans to do so. One of the guys mentioned that V3 would have more features.

Not sure how that could even work. For RTSP there would have to be an open, accessible socket running on the camera’s WiFi… which is specifically disabled most of the time to conserve power. I suppose it could be done with some proxy trickery through the base station…