Ordering additional home monitoring motion sensors Problem

I tried to order two additional home monitoring motion sensors, but the order process hangs when I proceed to checkout. Tried last night and many many times today. I do own the home monitoring system, but need additional motion sensors and had received notification that they were in stock. No luck buying here.

Try ordering again, sometimes there’s maintenance on the website. If you’re still having issues:
What browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser or device? Have you tried closing out the browser and restarting it? Is there anything else that could cause this issue issue(VPN, browser settings, etc,)?

I will try again, using Microsoft Edge.

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Google Chrome worked, thanks


Where are you ordering from? Everywhere I see requires to order the whole kit still.

I ordered more by using the links from the email that they sent me.

Order from the main website under shopping:


From here:
Wyze Sense Motion Sensor v2 (1-Pack)