Order Issue for Wyze V3 Cameras

I just ordered 6 V3 cameras and initially it showed the total with tax to be $115.78 and free shipping, using a discount code. Then all of a sudden it showed the total to be $116.32. WTF Wyze!!!

Did you make sure that the code went through properly. Make sure that there’s no space before or after and that it is in caps where necessary.
Try removing the items from your cart and added them again.

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What are the line item charges? For 6 cameras with a 10% discount that cost would be $107.95, right? Shipping cost is 0? That would leave taxes. Do you have a local tax? Once Wyze determined your exact location, that would change the charge for taxes. We have a .005 county tax that gets added in. And based on the totals you state, that sounds about the same.

Tax is supposed to be calculated on the full purchase price, before the discount is applied. Sounds like the initial tax was calculated on the post discount amount, then properly adjusted?

Yeah, the math works out but just odd that it initially showed a lower amount. I’ve had issues like this before ordering from Wyze. I even could have swore I ordered right away when they sent me the email about the V3 camera, then yesterday I couldn’t find my order or my card even being charged. I also thought they were going to be shipping this month to us early adopters, but now the page says January.

While curious, is 54 cents really deserving of a “WTF”? :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually yes the “WTF” was deserving. Maybe you like being overcharged at any amount, but I don’t. And if an online retailer can’t do the numbers correctly when it’s not rocket science, it makes you question their abilities.