These are the sorts that I get. But I also get them larger. I see the light even getting larger on the bedroom door on your video.
my videos are also showing all sorts of noises but it’s super quiet out there so there shouldn’t be noises.
I’m really freaked out because I heard my front door unlock
so I openers my bedroom door to see what it was about
Maybe my kids were sleep walking
When I went out there the door was unlocked but when I went to check on my kids they were sleeping
So I checked the video
Sure enough… orbs and sounds!

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Yes. Legions of them in freezing temperatures, so they are certainly not insects or dust particles or dust. One actually came in my home when I was away and flew like a bird into the house towards the refrigerator and then turned back into a tiny orb and went out the window. I’m just glad I’m not the only one seeing them. I was beginning to think I was going mad.

I spent the last 3 days eliminating light sources and moving things in my garage around, trying to find the source of these “orbs”. That’s when I finally gave up and googled “ghosts on wyze cameras”. I thought that I was going insane. Bear in mind that I have been a video technician and security system designer for the last 35 years. It has to be some glitch in the camera software.


And in rare viewings, dust blown by the a/c or heater.

If your see a gaggle of flying objects outdoors that appear to be tiny bugs (and mostly fly in unison, yet erratically), it’s most likely fog (moisture in the air).

Yeah, I thought that might be the case. But the the insects fly in the same pattern every night at 9:43, in my garage. And it’s 40 degrees fahrenheit out there.

humidity …

Wow even more super wild than my quiet peaceful & beautiful orbs