Orbs everywhere

Is anyone else capturing multiple orbs. I am every night

No, but I am capturing multiple small insects and motes of dust that resemble the classic “orbs” that ghost hunters say prove the existence of dead people who have not “passed through the veil of existence to the other side.”

Some orbs (of the insect variety) are attracted to the IR emissions from the camera when it’s in ‘night’ mode (with IR turned on).

If the orbs are bothersome, you could try disabling the IR illuminator (Advanced Settings/Night Vision IR Lights). Depending on the ambient nighttime lighting from porch lights, street lights, etc, you might get acceptable image quality.

Welcome to the community. I have three cams installed outside. And I had to turn off my IR lights because I was experiencing the same thing. Little glowing fairy orbs flying by the camera. Then the spiders started making messy webs around camera to catch the insects flying into the IR lights. I stopped this nonsense. I bought some motion solar flood lights and installed them near the cameras. Now if any motion is detected, the camera will catch it even in the dark. Now I don’t have the fiery glowing orbs caught on video during the night hours.

Camera is inside not bugs and dust doesn’t zoom across the screen we are talking dozens sometimes all at once. Unfortunately it wont let me upload the video since I’m new.

That’s really weird for sure. :flushed:

Finally I can post video. This is a live recording on the Memory card. Only the large orbs actually trigger the motion sensor to record. They are not bugs, hard to believe dust moves that fast. Always between midnight and sunrise. If you walk into the room they disappear.

Where did you post the video? Would like to see it.

My guess without seeing the video… The cam is near a vent and when the air/heat turns on it blows particles in front of the camera


I get different shapes every 3 days between 11 and midnight, so no one really knows what it is ?

Need video in order to say what it might be.

I can’t upload them till I’m not new any more

Try it now.

Yes. Legions of them in freezing temperatures, so they are certainly not insects or dust particles or dust. One actually came in my home when I was away and flew like a bird into the house towards the refrigerator and then turned back into a tiny orb and went out the window. I’m just glad I’m not the only one seeing them. I was beginning to think I was going mad.