Orbs at night

Dust, Ash, Pollen… unless its something that looks like a body floating through the air I’m pretty sure it CAN be explained. Looks like a spider silk floating in the air… doubt your house is haunted.

I had this white shadow come around the corner of my hallway. Any idea what it is? It’s easier to see in the video I have but it won’t let me post it.

@tjc0927 Welcome!

I’ve raised your trust level so you can upload the video now. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve also had unexplained shadows on my camera I would like to share but can’t upload.

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You should be able to upload now

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You guys dismiss these things to much try to explain this if you say bugs I kindly ask you to dismiss yourself camera posted outside on the ground facing up toward sky

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I don’t dismiss it that easy. That door is sealed to fight to be a bug. I just don’t have any other explanation.



I can’t see your link. I think someone has to raise your trust level, which Idk how to do.

@jcaruso676 I have adjusted your trust level so you can upload more files now.

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