(Optional) Wyze Hub

I know this has been requested before, but I wanted to post my own suggestion with some further hammered out details.

Horrible mock up image ^

Perhaps they could release an optional WYZE HUB. Rather than each Wyze cam using bandwidth and it’s own I.P. on your main router, they could connect to a Wyze hub via 2.4ghz wifi, which would connect to your router via Ethernet.

The hub could have a USB port for external storage. Each time a cam records a clip, it would send it to the hub where it would be saved to your external storage device. (I suggest external storage, to keep production costs lower)

You could then bring your removable storage to your PC for viewing or archiving.

The hub could also have and HDMI out and a remote for viewing on your TV.

Essentially an Android style media box with a built in access point, but exclusively to work with Wyze.

You could still use the Wyze app on your phone, or use the hub for viewing.
Using a hub would eliminate the need for using a (unreliable) microsd card in every camera.

The hub would not be mandatory. People could keep their current setups. BUT, for those who desire a more reliable storage solution, the ability to also access their cams and footage via TV or for those who use a LOT of camera and don’t want them using all their routers wifi bandwidth, I think a hub would be a smart alternative.

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