Option to set Wyze base station SSID to hidden network

I won’t use the two outdoor Wyze cam base stations because of this issue. Another family member won’t use their too. They are just sitting in the boxes. Can we return them? We preordered them.

I’m not sure if the company will take them back. I returned mine to Home Depot.

Hard to believe this is only a maybe later item in the Wishlist. My $.02 …

Did you buy them from Home Depot or online from Wyze? If I can take my online purchase from Wyze to Home Depot for a refund that would be ideal.

Happy to say that this is in development and will be going to testing in the fairly near future. :slight_smile:


Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn :wink:

Good to hear. Thank you

I’m more interested in being able to change the channel.