Option to set Wyze base station SSID to hidden network

Just got one of the new Wyze Cam outdoors and noticed the wifi access point that the base station connects to the cameras with is not a hidden network. Not a huge deal but I thought it would be nice to be able to have an option in the app to set this as a hidden network.


The Outdoor Cam BASE is broadcasting a WiFi SSID even after sync to Outdoor Cam is complete. This SSID should be hidden from broadcast to improve this security risk.
If we were give access to an admin page of the BASE this could be a toggle switch along with option to change WiFi channel being used and maybe more.


Great minds think alike @Daless14 We both posted the same wishlist item so Wyze merged ours together :sunglasses:

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Yes please make this the standard .

This is a item that needs to be addressed. The SSID should be hidden easily or even by default. It broadcasts a message for anyone to see that someone has installed cameras near by.

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Thinking more about this even for the fact that a hidden WiFi SSID can very easily be found, just the mere fact of it being named WYZExyz123 really draws attention to the fact that Wyze cameras are being used. This is a part of the risk also. We should be able to change the SSID, channel for broadcast and if it is hidden or not.

Totally agree with the hidden ssid, even though it’s not really that secure but for the most part it’s not on someone’s network list that they can easily attempt to connect to…

This is a terrible engineering and UI debacle. How can you ask customers to compromise their own networks because you couldn’t get your act together to create a basic web interface?

No network is 100% secure as many have pointed out, but Wyze please do not get in the way of us reducing known vulnerabilities.

I was actually all pleased with the unboxing and install tonight, but now I don’t think I can deploy it. But… the camera is excellent… the app is so cool…

No! Even with the great design, packaging, and ease of use–it’s a little too easy at the expense of basic network controls.

The whole point in getting a hidden camera is to be hidden. However, when all your neighbors and everyone in the neighborhood can see WYZE on the list of internet connection on their computers or devices, this gives it all away to anybody who knows what WYZE Is. Should have the option to rename device for wifi naming purpose


Agreed, I hate the SSID pollution, I use the base station and outdoor cam, but dread seeing it broadcasting.

The option to hide the SSID would be very nice! I hope to see it in a future update Wyze.