Option to ONLY RECORD Person Detection Events - not all motion events

It might be better moving the camera to another spot to try not to get the outside light flash and lowering the sensitivity.

Impossible to do from inside the garage. It’s going to catch the change in lighting regardless of orientation.

Have you considered using an SD card and then selecting to record events to the SD card. I have never tried it but my understanding is that the event recording is much longer if you opt for recording to the SD card instead of the cloud. I know that opens a host of other unwanted issues with the recordings not being in the cloud but it might be what you need for your situation.

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Yes, I have SD card recording on the device.

I’ve opted, for the interim, to use IFTTT to turn on Motion Detection when the garage door opens and then turn it off when the door closes. This, at least, avoids the motion detection triggered by the drastic lighting change. It also eliminates the several seconds of whiteout in the clip while it transitions from night vision to normal vision.

The garage door is on Smartthings right now. So, I’ll likely set up at least one virtual switch which will be tied to the garage door and then use the state of that virtual switch to trigger the motion detection via IFTTT. Doing this will allow me the option to better control when it triggers or resets, since those more complicated automations can be set up in Smartthings.

If WYze integrated with Smartthings, it would be simpler…

I would also appreciate this feature. I understand that running xnors onboard binary nets all the time would be costly. What if instead motion events would still trigger “events”, then run the person detection on that clip, if the motion contains a person then push a true event/notification?

Theres probably some other complication I’m not thinking of but that might allow a person only event.

This is also a problem for me. Exactly as described by everyone here. I get no notifications about person detection events because they are almost always preceded by motion detection events. The camera stops processing and goes on “cool down”, and the person event does not send a notification. This limitation really makes the person detection feature unusable for me.