Option to Increase 12 second cloud upload by reducing saves to 1 week

My parent’s place just got burgled and the burglar found all 3 wyze cams and took it with him. (Including the wifi router)

The only evidence left are the 12 second events, 5 minutes apart, uploaded to the cloud.

These clips are helpful but do not provide a full recording of what was happening.

I understand that uploading and storing events cost wyze money and that there is now a cam plus subscription.

But to make cloud recordings more useful for the budget minded consumer, and still keep cloud storage within wyze’s current budget, it would be good to allow the option to increase 12 second upload to 24 seconds, and reduce storage time from 2 weeks to 1 week correspondingly.

Events interval from 5 mins can also be reduced to 3mins by the same way.

This would take up the same amount of storage space as a 2 week cloud save, but provide more useful cloud saves. (Though i guess this increase their upload costs…)

Or instead of just randomly storing the first 12 seconds, (back turned away / far away / in frame for 1 sec, but out of frame for the rest of the time) store targeted videos where the videos will actually help catch the burglar (ie. When face is towards camera, clothing/features are in sharp focus). Wyze can call it smart upload.

As a budget security cam, wyze blows every other company out of the water. Cloud saves are an added bonus that i would not expect out a $20 camera, so this is definitely just a wishlist option.

I will be buying replacement cams once V3 is in stock (and in black so they don’t get noticed easily and stolen again)


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