Option To Hide Certain Devices From Home Screen

There should be a way to hide/remove some devices from the Home Screen. For example, the outdoor cam hub and floor lamp are important devices but I almost never need to configure them in the app. Currently I just move all that stuff to the bottom but it would be cleaner to completely hide them. This could be done by going into the edit mode and beside the red - to remove devices there could be an icon to hide them, and they would only visible when in edit mode so you can make them visible again if needed.

PLS this is a must!

Nice! Don’t forget to vote yourself now that this is live!

I created a camera group named “---------” and use that as a line break between my “live” devices and all my stuff I don’t need to see. But I like this idea!


That’s a start, but you’d need a group for every type of device you want to hide since groups are by device type.

The “------” group is actually empty, it’s just a visual cue /line break divider to know that anything moved below it is my “keep outta sight” stuffs.