Option to Disable IR Lights



Like many users I point the cam outside thru a glass window.

In Night Vision Mode, the IR lights cause excessive glare off the glass, making night mode worthless.

Please add an option to have Night Vision w/o Illuminators on.


The camera will do the best it can with ambient light, but you will not get night vision without the IR illuminators. That’s pretty much the definition of night vision. If the IR cut filter was invoked without the illuminators, you would just see black.


You can still have external IR lights, but if you have the cam in a window, the cam’s own IR will blind it.

So, yes, this would be a useful feature.


Exactly I have an external IR light that I could use with the Wzyecam night vision but can’t because the IR lights on the camera turn on also so it reflects back and is unusable.



This would be a useful feature for me, too. I’d like to see this as an option. Hope it gets some consideration.


I pulled the IR led Power wire from my Digoo cams and ran an all weather IR flood lamp and had a great view of my hole backyard as for my front there was enough ambient light for for them to run in IR mode. I really like the Wyze Cams and really hope you guys can add this option. If your worried that some customers might get confused on what, why and the ever loving this things broke and a peace of junk. Think of it as a Pro setting and many of you Pro users will be happy to make a Video or a support forum for just this problem. Thanks and looking for the Pro software update coming out soon. :wink: