Option to disable group on/off buttons on home screen

When there’s multiple devices under one group, like say, “living room lamps”, it’s too easy to accidently shut off that whole group from the main screen. I think that in the settings for that group there should be a toggle for “control all items in this group as one”, then you could manage them all as one or individually. It’s currently too easy to accidently shut off a whole group on accident.

I second the motion. Especially when all you have are cameras.

Yes, those buttons on the home page both individual and group should appear only if the user wants to display those.

Its far to easy to accidentally activate those buttons unintentionally!

I think that if we like the idea, we should probably hit the vote button.

It really would be good to have this option, so fat-fingering doesn’t accidently turn off cameras or activate/deactivate other functions. I think a user-selectable option to have a button require a confirmation click before toggling the function would be ideal. Same as the emergency button feature which requires confirmation after you click it. Users could choose which buttons to “lock” and which to keep one-touch accessible.