Option to automatically delete non-AI Events

Moving tree branches, shadows, water ripples etc. are all detected as motion and create events which admittedly are only notified if AI detects person, vehicle etc. However
as tree branches move continuously and in some cases fill most of the detection area its pretty near impossible to exclude them from the detection zone without making it so small its ineffective. It seems to me this is a great waste of storage space. Could there be an option for events after submission to AI are deleted unless AI detects a person, vehicle etc.

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I know I can filter the events list to only see AI events, but it seems wasteful to keep non-AI recordings when I have no intention of ever looking at them (and I have no desire to manually delete).

If I understand correctly, a motion event must occur first so that it can be uploaded, and then servers can run AI classification for person detection, etc. So, we have to upload all basic motion events anyway. But we should be able to configure it such that, once classification has run, non-AI events just get deleted.

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I believe you understand it correctly (it must first be uploaded to be analyzed, then it could in theory be automatically deleted).

This would be good to have as an option and it would certainly benefit Wyze to do this (less storage for them being used and so a cost-savings on their AWS storage).

The only downside of this is sometimes an event with a person or other AI event is not identified correctly. This can be for any number of reasons, such as not enough pixels (too far away) or too dark to accurately identify it with reasonable accuracy, among other reasons. Those events would then be deleted and not recoverable. This would be an acceptable risk to some people, especially if they know that they had an SD card record everything as a backup.

To play Devil’s advocate though…why even delete these events? If we only want to see AI events and nothing else, we can simply set that as a filter and then for all practical purposes it works exactly the same as if everything else was deleted except AI videos. We can leave that filter set indefinitely and we’ll never see any other events. It’s pretty much exactly what’s being asked for except that if something critical happens we can undo the filter and go look at other motion events if we need to (something was not identified for some reason).

I know some people like to delete everything they are done seeing immediately though, rather than wait for it to roll off after 14 days, so this autodeleting thing could be something offered for those who want it, and it won’t negatively impact those who don’t. Maybe one of the mods can move this to be a wishlist item. (Edit: Oh this already existed as a wishlist and was merged, awesome…thanks Seapup)


If Wyze does that then every one must have CAM plus account or their cameras are worthless
I think a better solution would be to only save the non Ai events for one week rather than 2 weeks this will improve the storage issue by 50 % for non-Ai events

I think there is a misunderstanding. OP isn’t asking for this to forced on everyone, they are asking to allow this to be an OPTION solely for those who want it, but to let everyone else who doesn’t want it to continue to have ALL their events stored for 14 days even without cam plus.

Nobody loses anything, it would be strictly a helpful option for those who like deleting all their videos after they view them and don’t want to bother managing all the non-AI videos they already know that they don’t care about viewing and wish were deleted already.

Everybody else (like me) who doesn’t want these videos deleted would still keep their functionality the full 14 days. I’m always supportive of more options like this even if I wouldn’t personally use it or want it, I like things that help others get the functionality they want when it won’t hurt what I want. Optional things like this are great.

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Exactly, it just seems such a waste to have hours of video of moving tree branches stored in the cloud for two weeks. So much better to have an option to just have the stuff that might be relevant stored and get rid of the rest.