Optical Zoom Pan camera

are there any plans to create a camera that can tilt (already done), pan (already done), + OPTICAL ZOOM?

Zoom would be great on an OUTDOOR PAN CAM!

outdoor application is exactly what i had in mind.

@rem736, you didn’t specify that you wanted an outdoor Pan camera with your Wishlist request. Is that what your intention was?

i got one of those third party rubber skins and applied it over an existing pan scan camera and hooked it up in my backyard. so i’m good with turning an indoor camera into an outdoor camera.

however, the fact that the usb port is expose may eventually be an issue.
so if there is an official outdoor version with pan/scan/optical zoom, i would consider it.

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There is a separate Outdoor Pan cam thread you might want to look at.

I would love to have a physical hardware zoom added to these cameras. The software zoom is pretty much a joke. No detail at all, and no way to record anything while zoomed.

Can’t record while zoomed? That’s not cool! The firmware ought to just record the full view, even if you only are viewing a smaller portion of it

The processor can do multiple streams, I would assume not all streams would share the same zoom level? So why not reserve one stream as a ‘full size at all times’ for the record function?

I see there’s too many of both the regular Cam & Cam Pan being adapted to outdoor use to ignore for much longer. There’s obviously a huge market demand for an outdoor version. And for this topic, I vote for a optical 24x lens. But the only sensible application would also be weatherproofed for outdoor use out of the box. I bet it could fit well at a much higher price point. Say $50~80?