Operation failed when trying to delete Wyze cam

I was trying to move my Wyze cam when I guess I must of pressed the setup button, I then heard “ready to connect”. However I tried setting it up as a whole new device nothing happens. I try to delete it from my devices as well all it says “operation failed”.
I turned it on and off and still nothing. This is really frustrating issue. Has anyone came across this?

I think it may be related to the issues that have right now because I have the same problem. I also cannot see a qr code to set up new devices.

When did your issue start?

This may be related to a service outage reported 3 hours ago:

Thank you. I’ll try reconnecting it tomorrow again. I tried for hours till someone told me about the outage. Hopefully it works back up tomorrow! I’ve only had this camera for a week and so far I had loved it.

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