Oops new wyze public app still called Beta

My phone just loaded an updated wyze app and the app is called Wyze beta but I’m not in a beta program. Looks like someone forgot to rename the app before making it public image

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Sounds like typical Wyze QA…


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
Anyone else seeing this? @Mavens?

What’s the version show in app?

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I have not uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve never had a beta version on here so there is no reason for the app name to change to it other than someone left it on the uploaded app to the App Store. I’ve posted the version info the the update list from the App Store above

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Hmmmm… Yesterday they said they were postponing the app update until next week. Guess not!

V2.18.43 is the iOS app. I just updated my iPhone to it, and the app is just titled “Wyze”. I also loaded it on my iPad, where it OVERWROTE the Beta app, leaving an app just called “Wyze”.

Both of my Wyze apps now show V2.18.43.

So maybe they fixed it? I’d manually delete the app and try again.


To let you know the app still says beta even after new updates and deleting etc