ONVIF Protocol

Implement ONVIF to make it easier to integrate Wyze cameras into other environments in a standard manner.

I agree 100% An ONVIF compatability would be great. I’m not sure that the powers-to-be at WYZE would be interested as it would interfere with monthly fees for their cloud future!

Could be. But Amcrest and Foscam have their own Cloud services as well :man_shrugging:t4:

ONVIF would be great but my hopes aren’t high as Wyze still doesn’t offer Alexa support outside the USA.

And, compared to RTSP for which Wyze offers a forked Firmware, ONVIF allows for Pan & Tilt.

ONVIF would be better for aftermarket/3rd party software, camera viewing programs, but RTSP at least allows viewing with Blue Iris and most of the WyzeCams do not PZT. Just received my new v3 and it needed a firmware upgrade out of the box. It still does NOT support RTSP so is of limited use for me. I do have to say I’m impressed with the color night view sensitivity of the v3 and hope they roll out the RTSP firmware soon.

+1 for ONVIF so I can use my Wyze Cams in BI and/or on my QNAP NAS


AGREE ALSO, No more Wyze products for me until I can use it w/Blue Iris. Don’t trust what can happen to my videos on the cloud. Too much hacking. If not available by year end my 3 Wyze cams are going on the auction block.

ONVIF is still “maybe later”, so there is virtually zero chance of it being enabled by the year end. The last I saw, we are still awaiting RTSP firmware for the v3.