ONVIF Protocol

Need ONVIF compliant and usable with 3rd party software like Blue Iris.

Agree is needed

Having the ability to connect with other NVR manufacturer would be GREAT!

+1 from me. ONVIF support would make it easier to integrate with systems like Home Assistant

Once ONVIF is supported, I will expand my Wyze camera setup to at least 9-10 more cameras!

ONVIF support would help people integrate into home automation platforms. 1+

1+ I need to use with nvr from Lorex

I agree ONVIF would be nice. Then I could set up surveillance station.

I agree

Yes to ONVIF…please.

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They have it. RTSP mode. It’s easy as cake to do

Thanks I tried it. It works great, and than it stops working…not sure what the issue is. It’s very random it just stops working. Also pan and tilt won’t work using Blue Iris in RTSP mode . I am at the outer limits of my technical abilities as it is, so anything that makes it easier is welcome.

Edit: So I may have found what was causing my issues with Blue Iris. I have an Asus router and apparently there is a really easy fix which involves “airtime fairness”…so far so good.

Yep, this is the direction I like to see the WYZE Cams going. I’ve bought one to try out but I can’t fit it into my current system that uses P2P/UID/ONVIF. The Wyze cam is just an odd ball security cam that won’t work with my phone app HiCam or Windows HiP2P app so I just keep it monitoring the lesser important areas of my home. I have 2 homes to monitor so the P2P access makes it so convenient relative to what I have to change on the routers and firewalls. Recently I’m seeing a need to babymonitor my aging relatives; meaning more cams to monitor in the future.
It would be fantastic if the WYZE cams could add these components. My replacement security cams are now in the $31 range for 1080p 2mp P2P OnVIF RTSP wifi & ethernet. It’s just so close to WYZE cam V2 costs that I’m tempted to replace everything but I’d loose my android phone access to the cams when I’m away from the local lan of each home. Recording for 14 secs for each event has not been good enough for me since my RTSP continous NVR recording was able to capture the entire incident of some breaking into my house.
The Wyze Products all seem to be very promising! Please keep up the upgrades!

ONVIF is a must.

Down below you see Suggested Topics. The first is ONVIF Compliant. Did WYZE notice the number of views? It’s 3.9k !!!

Why are we fooling around with this? If WYZE doesn’t want to do it, try something else.