ONVIF Compliant



I would also need to have the RYSP abilty…just got two of the V2 came and can’t see them with my Blue Iris that I use for Foscam and Amcrest cameras :frowning:



+1 for ONVIF as well!


+1 for ONVIF


Another Blue Iris user wanting to integrate some wyzecams for my indoor cameras… currently doing it on open IP and it is flaky.


+1 for ONVIF compliance


+1 for ONVIF compatible (Not necessarily licensed), or RTSP

Some way to view these camera’s other than a phone app would really make them appealing to a larger base of customers

  • for Blue Iris


Just think how many cameras you would sell!!


Thanks in advance for making that happen


I just bought this camera from an Amazon seller who said it was ONVIF compliant. Imagine my surprise and disappointment to discover it isn’t, making it basically a paperweight.

I have to say in this day and age, I’m absolutely gobsmacked that a company is making a non-ONVIF, non-RSTP wireless camera. It’s a mind-boggling design decision—about on par with a printer that can’t use USB or a digital camera that can’t use memory cards. Seriously, guys? Are you for real?

I am returning the camera. Shame, because it seemed well-designed.


+1 for ONVIF compatibility / RTSP. Bought 12 V2s several months ago, still not using them, optimistically awaiting the moment they will work with Blue Iris.