One Keypad to control two Wyze Locks

Many of us have doors with more than one deadbolt lock.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pair a single keypad to control two Wyze Locks on the same door?

Understand that the protocol connecting the keypad to the lock is bluetooth, but a one-to-many relationship can be created, it would just require more development.

I have a mud room that we enter my house through. This room (which is an unconditioned space) has a door on each end. One door (an exterior door) leads outside. The other door (also an exterior door) leads into my kitchen.

Both doors have Wyze Locks on them.

It would be super helpful if the keypad could be configured to unlock (and lock) both Wyze Locks at the same time.

It would also be cool if there’s was a code that could do both, and also each door have its own code, so that we could allow people into the mud room but not the house.

Alternately- have a certain Keypad code trigger a Devices Rules (we’d need Unlock to be an option for Rules too).

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