One cam keeps disconnecting. I’ve tried everything!

-power cycling DOES NOT WORK.

-resetting the router DOES NOT WORK.

-factory resetting the camera DOES NOT WORK.

-i delete the device, re-add it to the network, it takes 20 minutes to come online, it stays online for half a day, then it permanently goes offline.

-I’ve also tried taking out the SD card in case it was corrupt. The issue persisted.

It JUST started doing this. All the other cameras are working fine, even the one that’s furthest from the router. The firmware is up to date.

Does anyone know what can be done?

Reads like you tried about everything except swapping power sources.
If still under warranty:

How to Initiate a Warranty Claim

  1. Start the process by submitting a ticket and selecting “Technical Support” as the support topic.
  • Describe in detail the quality-related issue that you are experiencing with your Wyze product, so that Wyze Labs is able to troubleshoot the issue with your unit.
  • Provide a valid proof of purchase.
    • If your purchase was made on, a valid proof of purchase would be an order number or sales invoice.
    • If your purchase was made from an authorized reseller, a valid proof of purchase would be a dated sales receipt from the authorized reseller that includes a description of the product and the price.
  1. It may be necessary to return the product for quality testing. If so, Wyze Labs will provide you with a prepaid shipping label and return instructions.

One thought. I have AT&T and they like to set up the WiFi so the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands have the same SSID. Check that. If so , change it so the bands have different SSID’s
That is what support told me on a similar problem.

I’ll look into getting a refund if no troubleshooting solution works. Thank you for this info.

I went into the router settings and already named my 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ bands differently, different passwords too. In the device info, it’s on the correct 2.4 GHZ network. :frowning_face:

It’s weird because it’ll work SOMETIMES. Like yesterday, I just let it be and it was on all night and day! Now, it’s off and probably will be off all night. Next thing I’ll do is swap the locations of a working camera with this malfunctioning paperweight camera, and see if it’s something with the location or camera itself.

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Try re-flashing firmware

ASUS router by any chance? I know you’ve said that just one cam is misbehaving, but if so it wouldn’t hurt to reference the following post. After disabling this setting on my ASUS RT-AC68U, all 6 of my cams began connecting much more reliably. My $0.02 …

How to check Asus Routers - Disable “Airtime Fairness”

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I have something weird in my house that you may want to think about. I have an window that is 20 feet from the router where the camera will not work. Keeps losing connection. I have worked with WYZE support, done RouteThisHelps reports, but nothing. I just can’t have the camera there. I had to move it a couple of feet. Not sure this helps but just a thought

It’s now working 24/7 after I kicked a bunch of devices off the network. I guess the network was too congested? After my ex moved out (he just stayed inside playing video games and watching videos all day so he was using up so much network data), it’s working!

Glad you got it working.
I must remember: Kick devices off net. Including ex.

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