On v1/v2 what is small black disk for?


on v1/v2 what is the small black disk for?


Making small donuts while watching Wyze. LOL, Its magnet for attaching the camera to different positions



Are you referring to the 1/4 inch black circle on the front of the camera, below the lens?


This isn’t news and is explained here. https://www.wyzecam.com/wyze-cam/specs/


I am referring to the small black disk below the lens. No the silver colored swivel at the bottom of the camera or the magnet in the base.


Yes I am.


The answer is “nothing”. Wyze uses off the shelf hardware as the base for the cameras and the spot is reserved for a motion sensor that the Wyze Cams don’t have. Therefore, in the Wyze Cams, it’s just a blank.


I actually don’t see any reference to that facet of the device on that specs page anywhere. Am I just missing it?


See my reply above


Thanks Rick - I did see your previous post. I was just making the point that there is no reference to this on the specs page.