On using the Echo Show Gen 1 show feature with Wyze Cams

I just bought a used Amazon Echo Show Gen 1 and have it set up to view my Wyze cameras. One is on the front porch and a I live on a fairly busy street, there is a noticeable delay in the video feed as the cars go by. Maybe five seconds or so. All of my WiFi equipment is within 20 feet of each other and I am using a Netgear Nighthawk router connected to Charter Internet which is running on average as 72Mbs speed and sometimes faster.
Is this normal for one of these devices? Or is there a way to fix this?

I have the the same Echo Show (generation 1) along with Wyze cameras and also Ring cameras, and they all have a slight (2-5 second) delay. My internet speeds are running at over 200+ Mbps and my cameras are all within 20-30 ft. of my mesh network satellites.

I’m not sure if it’s just because it takes time for the signal to go across the wifi between the camera and the Echo Show or because the cameras are also sending the footage to the cloud server at the same time we are viewing them, but I don’t think anything is wrong with your devices. I think this is just think this is a limitation of all the technology. Hope this helps!


Thank you for your input on this. I am amazed that your internet speed at that rate still has the delay problem. But at least I now know that it is not something that can be remedied. :+1:

My pleasure. I’m guessing that this is the reason for our system delays. Maybe one of the moderators of the Wyze Forum can confirm this for us too.

Yes, I would like some input from a moderator on this subject myself.

In short, yes, it is normal. Keep in mind the Echo devices do not connect directly to any other other device on the local network, so all traffic has to go up to “the cloud” and back down again. I also suspect the video has to go up to Wyze’s server(s) and then over to Amazon’s, but I’m not 100% certain on that part.


@LonnieM is correct, the delay is normal. Google Nest (Home) delay is much more pronounced; 20 - 30 seconds. So, I would say 2 - 5 seconds would be considered reasonable in comparison.

BTW, if you want Moderator or Maven attention to a topic, please tag “moderators” or “mavens” with an @ sign, like I did LonnieM above. :slight_smile:


I thank the both of you for all of that information. I did not consider the cloud connection in the journey of the video feed.

I did not know about the method of getting a moderator’s attention on a subject so that is very good information as well. Thanks for letting me know about that.

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Just a thought. Is there any way to connect my Echo Show directly to my camera feed instead of it going to the cloud. Yeah I know, it is a crazy question but I have to ask as I am no expert when it comes to WiFi and WLAN operations.

Yeah not such a crazy question. Pretty fringing logical actually. I use my four cams as surveillance cams when I’m home. I live in a rural area with significant wildlife activity as well as significant human “wild life” imagine what I mean. Anyways, Last coupla weeks, nothing but buffering on my fire tv, my android tv, and my echo show. This makes wyze cams nearly worthless as real time surveillance devices.

A friend who I recommended wyze cams to and who bought several, were discussing this tonight, and he pondered why is wyze sending data to the cloud for Show operations on our fire tv devices it just uses up bandwidth, when it is probably trivial to update the firmware to locally stream to the fire tv device and thus save the bandwidth and make the unlimited cloud save subscription an much more credible proposition? Sure hope a @moderator or @maven catchs this.

It is perhaps part of their security model, but Echo devices don’t appear to connect to anything directly over the local network.

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That sounds like a perfectly plausible explanation. I still wish that there was a way to have the cameras connected to my laptop and that I could designate the front porch cam to alert me on the laptop when someone approached and let me click on that warning and have the real time picture displayed on my laptop. Too much of this technology is cloud dependent in my opinion.

I don’t have an Echo Show device (yet), but the last time I looked into it, no apps (like the Wyze app which can display a camera stream peer to peer) can be sideloaded onto one.

And even if you could, I don’t think there is a launcher system that you could use to start the app.

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I guess that I would have to look into a different cam for the peer to peer option. I wish that TinyCam had that option or at least another third party app of it’s kind. I have an older security cam DVR that has these options but it is not wireless when it comes to the camera connections. I will do some more research on this. Thanks for your information.