On The News: Wyze Bulb -- We Are Live!


Got them!!! are they here yet? lol

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Snagged a set for testing! Thanks!!!

Woot. Have a set coming soon.

Well I managed to buy 2 sets.
Did anyone notice the linked article’s sidebar had a link to:

Wyze, saturating ZDNet.

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I realllllly want to get these, but I’m already covered in the appropriate areas with eufy bulbs. They are fantastic, but it would be to use with the sensors. But it’s a small home.

To the naysayers, “You mean I have to use my phone to turn on my lamp?” “Well, you don’t have to…but you get to.”

Yes, I totally understand this. I have a ton of Philips Hue myself! :slight_smile:

I am surprised how much I like them