On 2nd Wyze Lock - still requiring constant re-calibration and can't sense when door is closed, help?

Hi all,
I am now on my 2nd Wyze lock due to the first requiring constant re-calibration (~1/day) and its inability to sense when the door is closed. Sorry to say, this replacement lock is doing the exact same thing.

After recalibrating, the Wyze app will say the door is closed, but soon after (usually after opening the door at least once), it no longer recognizes when the door is shut. For the calibration, I do the following:

  1. Door closed/locked
  2. Door open
  3. Door ajar (~1-2 inches)
  4. Door closed/locked

Does anyone have any advice on why the Wyze lock is malfunctioning?

  • Why does it require constant recalibration?
  • How does it determine the door being closed vs. open?

I had really hoped the replacement lock would fix the problems… but I am out of ideas, and somewhat frustrated.

Hello @ran,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We are currently investigating this specific issue.

If you don’t mind, let me ask you a few questions regarding your Wyze Lock:

  • How often do you have to recalibrate the Wyze Lock?
  • Do you often leave your door open for an extended period? (4+ minute)

Also, re you able to send me the S/N of your Wyze Lock? You are welcome to take a screenshot of the S/N in the device info page and send it to me here or privately.

This will help us investigate the issue.

@WyzeJonathan, it seems like several people have been having door calibration issues. What if I already have a wyze contact sensor hooked up to my door? Is it possible to have the contact sensor override/internally calibrate the lock’s open/closed status? Even after wyze has conclusively dealt with this issue, I think it would be nice to know from two sources that my door is closed and locked.

Thanks very much for all of your work!