Offline Hub for Wyze Ecosystem

Realizing that no one likes a collection of hubs for all their various smart home devices I think it would be nice to have an “offline” hub available for times where the systems are experiencing downtime or in the case Wyze would cease to exist (hopefully not the case).

Would like it to be able to manage rules, schedules, sensor inputs from Sense etc. and sync with the Wyze cloud network.


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While I lack the programming skills to know how exactly something like this could be useful 1) as a redundancy to current systems and 2) to help alleviate the load on the Wyze systems by possibly having the hub do a portion of the cloudS work for those who purchase it.

To clarify by offline, I mean connected to the home network, and ready to take the place of the cloud for certain aspects. Not offline as in standalone.

It’s probably not the most popular item that will pop up here, but I think it would help solidify the investment some of us have made in Wyze systems as the company continues to grow.

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