Official Wyze V3 Window Mount is Live (just hidden at time of writing)

Hello, People. @holocron
I was of the same mind as holocron about a good light seal. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I did another test run of my glare guard box this night.
This first picture is the camera’s view with no glare guard box. Definitely not good.

The second picture is the camera’s view with the box snug against the window.

This last picture is with the box held about 1/8" away from the window surface. It appears to be slightly degraded.

In all pictures above and in my previous post no light seals around the cord entry hole.

When the glare guard box is completed and supported by a suitable stand, light taping will be used around the perimeter of the window/box interface and the power cord opening. This as much to keep bugs from moving in as well as keeping out glare.

Here is another idea, how about placing a small sheet of antiglare picture glazing against the part of the window where the camera is to be placed? Has anyone tried it?

Victor Maletic.

Hello, People.
I obtained a piece of Art Glass that is supposed reduce reflected from glazed pictures. For my camera setup in front of but not against the window, about 3" away aimed to the right and downward, it didn’t work at all. Back to the drawing board.
Victor Maletic.

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Hello, People.
A thought about @smith288 comment post #11, maybe placing an opaque, wide enough collar around part or all of the window-mounted camera may block offending glare. Perhaps a strip of paper could be taped to the window next to the camera?
Victor Maletic.

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This works well. It would be nice if they also came in WHITE. The big black rectangle on the window really stands out.

what are the chances of this being able to be bought in Canada?

and now it’s $9.98:

I’m interested if it becomes available, but for 10 bucks a mount… maybe not as interested.

Perhaps two for that price would get my interest back.


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Yeah, the earlier price wasn’t including shipping and now they added shipping costs to it upfront, though I still can’t imagine that anything this small and weightless (basically tape and flat plastic) should actually be an extra $5 in shipping costs. You can probably just throw it in a small padded envelope. I think part of it is that Wyze has always subsidized part of their profit into the shipping costs, so now it makes everything look a little more expensive up front instead at checkout.

Still, they haven’t worked out how they’re going to do their bulk ordering discounts yet, so everything will definitely cost more than they used since there is no consideration for everything all being in the same package and sharing the costs yet (there used to be a little shipping discount on most things when ordering a bunch of stuff all together.

That’s just the shipping tape. The sticky part underneath is black.

Yes. And if you have triple pane, it will be quite distracting.

They stick nicely, but as with all sticky mounts you can’t allow the mount to bear the weight of any cabling. So tie the cabling to the curtain rod or find some other way to relive the strain. Also clean the glass first, and make sure the adhesive gets a solid stick.


Ah, that makes more sense…I am glad to hear it doesn’t have white on black on the window mount!

It bugs me enough that the V3’s are all part white and part black…draws too much attention to them that way. :wink:

These are back in stock, added two to the cart, thinking that the ‘included shopping might adjust for combined shipping for two. It did not. So this looks like a means for Wyze to potentially increase profit by charging shipping per item, putting it one box/envelope reducing their cost of shipping, and not passing it on to the customer:

I somehow don’t think it cost anymore to ship one, than it does two of these.

I tried to make it 10 mounts, and interesting, the site limits you to ordering only 7 max.

7 of these… in a box… and it’ll run you $69.86 before taxes (for those of us who have the ‘privilege’ (sic) of paying state taxes.)

That’s a mighty fine profit margin on that piece of plastic and two pieces of double sided tape.


Yes, the downside of “free shipping” that I urged them to do. :frowning:

I still think it makes sense for items that don’t weigh 2 ounces.

Yea, I believe they are still working out the kinks. For example, it was mentioned that they are looking at bulk purchases and price adjustments for that. So then the price could be cheaper if you buy in bulk.

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Ah!.. so it’s your fault! :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to order two of these to see if they will make any difference on two v3’s that are mounted on windows facing some humming bird feeders, but out of principle, will wait until I’m not paying double shipping cost for this item.

I’ll already have to plug my noise and pull the trigger, as I said I’d not purchase anything until the Landscape issue is resolved in Wyze App for tablets and ipads/iphones


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I like that Wyze has made an effort to address the reflection issues through glass with the new mount. I kinda wonder why they didn’t use a anti-reflective lens hood made of silicone that could attach to/around the body of the camera that could allow for flexibility of angle of views instead of a fixed straight on view out the window? I have need for this type of mount but at an angle. Also, after reading a few reviews I see the double sided tape has failed a for some. I wonder if suction would be a better option than tape as this would also allow to easily move the camera if needed and as it’s attaching to glass should have really good seal and more than adequately support the weight. Thoughts?

I added (I think :grimacing:) a picture of what a lens hood option could like. This one is $8.50 so inexpensive


Why indeed. I saw this and wondered the same thing, when a simple clip on front hood filter would be so much better and simpler.