Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

I did download the version you mentioned and got one of my V1 cameras working again.
Can you please email me if you ever come across a firmware that supports motion detection and notifications.
Thanks so much for posting that info, I have one more V1 cam to update.

Have a great weekend.


I reported three broken V1 cameras (i.e., will not connect following a power cycling) last week. Wyze offered one gift card of $10 total for all three. It seems to me they should have provided a $10 gift card for each of the cameras.

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I hope them handing out these gift cards does NOT mean they’re going to fail to fix the bug. (Because it’s starting to sound like it.)

Not my problem but I feel bad for V1 owners getting whiplash. If it won’t work because it’s discontinued just say so. All of Wyze’s original customers, by definition, are subject to this breakage at their next power cycle. It’s not a good look, going on months now.


70 days since this thread started
3 months since the problem started
10 days since we’ve heard from WyzeJasonJ
Official announcement from wyze: Never

And the current status is… wyze doesn’t give a damn about their original customers


A bit off-topic but let’s speculate. The answer is, of course: As long as they promise. If some company only intends to support a device for 1 year, say so! If they plan on supporting it for 5 years, say so! If they plan on supporting it for 32 full moons, say so! I don’t think it’s difficult to exercise foresight and consider how long they want to support a product.

Otherwise, I’d expect it to last about 7-10 years*. I don’t want the hassle of constantly updating equipment unless it is a major upgrade for about the same price. But again, they can avoid disappointing anyone by just being honest about their own expectations.

I worked for a small manufacturer that supported their equipment for decades. They had a reputation to maintain and while they didn’t provide free repairs, it was still possible to get repairs.

** If a company chooses to open-source the software so it can be maintained by the community, then they are absolved of their commitment, in my view.

Let us know when you implement the new policies peepeep.

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I do not have a huge update but I can say that we think we’ve found the issue and are currently doing internal testing to verify.


I think you inadvertently avoided an important distinction. The “support” in this context involves a huge chunk of dynamic vendor run “cloud” services and that, obviously, is what has failed for these V1s. The cameras themselves are just fine, but so called “cloud services” blur the lines for the expectation of what a piece of hardware does. The V1s are mostly useless the minute anything goes wrong at the Wyze end. So are the other models.

Anyway, glad to hear from @WyzeJasonJ that the end is in sight. Thanks for keeping this issue above water, Jason. Again, surprised that this is being handled so offhandedly when it affects ALL of Wyze’s first customers.


Thank you Jason

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Hey @RoboNaught

I acknowledge the points you’ve made and respect your opinion.

But let’s be reasonable.

What if they’re just moving fast and breaking things. Peddling disposables like the rest of the free world?

Scrambling to gain ‘share’ and keep it by forging a ‘personal’ relationship with their customers. Where they encourage criticism and respond to it on the fly the best they can?

Because the world is unstable and the ‘new guy’ must be dynamic.

To survive.

And prosper.

What if that? :slight_smile:

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Do you trust Wyze? Are they operating in good faith?

  • Where would Wyze fall on your 0-10 scale?
  • What would the scale extremes 0 & 10 mean?
  • What would be the minimum score required for you to continue patronizing the company?



What if - really? I think their silence about this and the v1 security problem show their true colors. 3 months to (maybe) fix a problem from a company that manufactures no hardware just writes different software for it is not just “moving fast and breaking things”.

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Support @beemgee. His claims are not unreasonable. :slight_smile:

It simply boils down to money and profits.
They really don’t care about us, the early adapters who bought V1’s and helped them become the success they are today, which shows no morals, values, ethics or integrity on their part.
Very few people in business today practice those admirable traits I mentioned above.
We have become a disposable society when it comes to electronics, when they still have plenty of life still in them, just for the sake of money, profits and GREED…!!!

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I certainly didn’t highlight it and it probably deserves to be – my indirect way of addressing it was by suggesting open sourcing but, in reality, that probably isn’t enough. We are, AFAIK, highly dependent on the Wyze app and that ability to interface and sign software updates would be critical.

If manufacturers make their product dependent on the cloud, whether it’s Wyze, Tesla or Microsoft they should be obligated to be in for the long haul or provide explicit, obvious transparency.

Welcome to Windows XP, guaranteed we won’t nuke it for at least 5 years, then all the serial keys melt into a bit-puddle and you have a fancy holographic coaster.

And this isn’t just a moral obligation. The first time a major company that off-loads computing to the cloud implodes and breaks a wide swath of products (My microwave won’t warm up my frozen mac and cheese! Excuse me while I riot in the street!) or Telsas get bricked because Elon has finally escaped to Mars or water pumps fail in some city because the cloud services shutdown there will be hell to pay.

That one big event will bring down the gov’t hammer so manufacturers who don’t want the hammer better be bending over backwards to make sure they aren’t the straw to the move-fast-and-break-things camel’s back.

We all love having multiple charging cables and ports but eventually someone is going to get fed up & a rule will get made.

Back to the here-and-now, I think Wyze has planted a seed of doubt about their commitment to their products. This risks creating a negative feedback loop and downward spiral.

I don’t have V1’s but I raise my eyebrow – if this is how they treat the early adopters (e.g. no customer service agent script updates, no twitter announcements, no mea culpa from a lead software engineer; nothing to show that this was a priority rather than an afterthought) then what should I expect for the rest of their product line?

Did Jason nail it? Yeah, he was forthcoming with updates, sought to assure, responded directly, continued to work the issue, and so forth. Can’t find fault there but he’s not setting the priorities at Wyze HQ or fixing the QA issues.

Was my post too dang long? Yup, but I really want to believe the more we highlight the issues the more chance Wyze executives will go “hmmmm… what is our long-term product vision? How can we better set and meet those expectations?” :crossed_fingers:

Still remember being blown away after I put up our first V3. We bought 5 more but now am all too familiar with showstopper issues that hold them back from being something I can unabashedly recommend. But gosh I want that future.


Well put. It is so peculiar that they’ve broken the one product that is the reason for their success and it somehow doesn’t even register. Anyway, with any luck the fix Jason hinted at will be in place by, let’s theorize based on nothing, end of week? So we can go on to worry about other things. Like the V2s. :wink:


Give up. It’s easier.

I’m with you peepeep, give up and move on. After struggling to get my Wyze Cam V1s working following a router upgrade, I found this thread, and was Blown Away! It was not really surprising minimal testing was done before rolling out system upgrades by a small company.
What is surprising is the lack information about the issue in any of the the company troubleshooting or support areas.

Like others posting on this thread, I was an early adopter and encouraged to see a small startup company going against the big boys. That good feeling all disappeared when I saw the what the company has done to avoid the problem. They have not come up with a solution for over 3 months and then belatedly throwing out small discount coupons on V3 models to those who complained loudly. Why bother if they are going to take the same approach in a few more years when the V3’s have problems?

Did I want to get more into the Amazon ecosystem and buy more Blink Mini’s? No, but Wyze has pushed me there with their poor handling of this issue. My Blink Mini fired up just fine after the router upgrade, as did my 6 year old first gen Amazon Echo. It is kind of sad to see all of the now useless Wyze Cam V1’s going straight to the landfill after such a short life.

Couple of reasons not to move on:

  • this is the only information for people who find their v1s have suddenly died
  • it may put pressure on wyze to fix it (although I doubt they care)
  • It lets people know what is in store for their other wyze products
  • it lets people know how much wyze cares about its customers
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Before this whole V1 fiasco happened, i had recommended Wyze cameras to so many people because they are a very good security camera, and ive had little to no problems with them.
Moving forward i can not continue to recommend Wyze cameras with a good conscience.
Sad situation :pensive:.

As we look forward to 4 months since wyze disabled the V1

  • wyze has still not officially acknowledged that this has happened - disgraceful
  • wyze is still incapable of fixing this - incompetence or intentional

I guess it really makes sense when you look at what wyze has done during that time.

  • created more levels of subscription services (plus-pro-premium… more to come)
  • ended rtsp software (can’t make more money if you can use the camera without them)

I am sure the V1 user base had a lower cam plus pro premium whatever monthly paid usage than other cameras, can’t have that. At this point if it is ever fixed, I am sure another “update” will kill them again unless wyze has managed to get rid of enough v1 users that they no longer look at them as unwanted leeches not the customers who helped create the companies success.

I still have a bunch of wyze cameras and other products which I will continue to use until wyze decides to kill them too.