Offer the Solar Panel adapter cable separately for Wyze Outdoor Camera

Please offer the adapter that comes with the Outdoor Camera Solar Panel separately. I want to use one in each of my Outdoor cameras so that I can charge it without unmounting it. I want to use a battery powered inverter (Ryobi One+) to charge the camera when needed. If the waterproof adapter in installed, I can do that without having to remove it from the mount. This is not intended to leave the power applied at all times just to make it easy to connect the battery powered inverter.

I was wondering about a way to do something similar, just a way to recharge a camera without having to take it down. When I take a camera down, I have to bring my tablet out to reposition it properly. I was thinking of a wish list to move the USB port to the side or front so at charge time I could just run an extension cord out and plug the camera up in place.

I guess keeping a cable permanently plugged in I could eliminate dragging the ladder out too. Is that the idea?