Odd issues with that TinyCam Pro app

Can anyone explain this issue?: I have a few cameras on my own and my mother who does not live with me Bought one for herself. I installed this TinyCam pro app On my Fire TV, and I was able to see my two cameras. It was fine until a week later. When I logged into the app I was able to see my mother’s camera. Can anyone explain how One of my cameras disappeared from the app and was replaced with my mother’s camera?

My mother has her own Wyze account and does not have a smart TV or a fire TV. How did it load her camera on MY TV when she lives over 30 miles away? It totally freaked me out when I went to look at my camera to check out my front yard and my side yard and one camera was showing the inside of my moms house. I even called her to tell her. Because if I looking at her camera who else can be watching her? I checked my logins on both my cameras and it reflected my login and my password. It even kept the label that I had listed each camera as. She basically keeps her camera covered if she does want to be spied on. Not cool! I love the cameras, but that app…seriously suspicious.

Did you see motion / live feed of the camera, or did you only see the thumbnail / static picture?

It was a live feed. I opened the app like normal to look at my yard and I was looking at my mom and I called her to let her know I had her up on my FireTv. What’s worse is it’s her bedroom. She set it up so I can be alerted if she has a bad sleep apnea attack. I just told her to cover it if she is not descent to be safe. It also added other cameras that it shouldn’t have which are inside my house. But it removed itself on its own. But THIS issue is very odd also.

Tiny Cam can only show the camera feeds that you have in your Wyze App. If you can view her camera in your app it will show up in Tiny Cam. The Tiny Cam channels are based on the order of the cameras in your app so the first one in Wyze will be channel 1 and so on. If you have access to her camera it is available in your Tiny Cam.

Then why is it that I only have two of my own cams (both outside) ONLY showing on the TinyPro Cam app show my mom’s bedroom cam as “porch”? I understand she has shared it with me, but I only listed two and hers isn’t one of them. It removed the one labeled as “porch” completely. Today, I viewed one of my living room that’s on the Wyze app and it removed the OTHER outside one with my living room cam. As I understand the point is to have TinyCam view ONLY the cameras you wish to be displayed NOT ones it decides at random to display. It seems to be adding all the cams now whenever I log onto the TinyCam app. My mom removed access also and I was still able to view her cam. I also keep getting a message saying this app isn’t “secure”. So I have no idea what’s going on with their app and/or who else can view it.