November 11th Wyze Beta Update:

Basically – rendered as useful as a brick. :slight_smile: Haha.


No, a brick is more useful.




I was one that had them bricked. Put the devices in a reboot loop. Pans were ok and it was just V2s. All 6 of mine I was able to manually flash to latest released public firmware, then I upgraded back to prior beta firmware. The biggest lesson I learned is don’t upgrade all. Update 1 V2 and 1 Pan then make sure they are good before proceeding. Wyze has done a fabulous job minimizing impact and making things right for users impacted. Some were upset but beta is what we signed up for and you know that possibility is always there.


I got the e-mail about the bad firmware and replacement.
Do I get a replacement if I’m in Canada?

They don’t ship to Canada. If you have a USA address, then yes.

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Was crossing my finger when I saw in the replacement form a field for country.

Updated one of my cameras a few hours ago…I got version Is there any information on this version?

Not sure how that is an answer to my question…per the link:

“Please be aware, in order to have Complete Motion Capture to work in your app, you have to upgrade our latest Beta Firmware on your camera(s). The firmware version for V2 is and for Pan is…”

I got on my V2 which seems much more current.

@corinnamr, we will replace both. Thanks for checking!

@gemniii, while we will sometimes post beta stuff on Reddit, this category and the beta Facebook group are the only official beta channels. So a very beta specific message like this was only posted in the beta channels.

@jasonhpchu, I’m working on figuring out sending replacements to Canada! But it will admittedly be faster and easier if I send you a gift card instead. I am told that international shipments can take quite a while. This is a short-term solution that doesn’t scale but we want to take care of our international friends!

@WildBill, here’s the info about the more recent updates:

Hello everyone,

We’re sorry about the Wyze Cam v2 upgrade issue yesterday. We looked into the cause and found that our developer, after hours of hard work and thorough internal testing for this update, uploaded the wrong file for v2 beta release.

To say that we feel silly about this would be an understatement. Moving forward, we have added additional checks and reviews to prevent similar issues from happening again.
We are going to release the correct Wyze Cam v2 update (version shortly. Here are the release notes:

  • Improved the upgrade success rate and reduced the time necessary for the upgrade
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a camera to reboot during the upgrade process
  • Improved CMC performance when audio is turned off
  • Improved CMC video stability with a fluctuating internet connection

We’re also sending out app version 2.6.40 to Android and 2.6.58 (5) to iOS.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause mic permission to be used after closing the Wyze app
  • Fixed minor issues to improve CMC video player performance


  • Fixed an issue that caused the progress bar to appear in the center of the video when using push notifications to open the videos
  • Fixed minor issues to improve CMC video player performance

When will the replacement cams be sent out, will we receive notification?

Fortunately I’m late in upgrading. Upgrade this morning when smoothly. Thanks!

Thanks Gwen for the update.
Gift card would be awesome, as I did purchase a few extra Pans last time I went south of the border. So I don’t need another camera. (though arguably one can never have enough cameras :slight_smile:)
I’d love to get my hands on those Sense items as I couldn’t find those in retail stores.
But that goes back the the problem of I can’t buy them off and ship to Canada, even if I did get a gift card.:slightly_frowning_face:

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@jasonhpchu, if you’re the person I’m thinking of, I got you taken care of a little while ago. Sorry about the difficulty getting Wyze Sense! We look forward to having Canadian shipping later. :slight_smile:

@gugldorf, thank you for letting us know! Was this resolved after you posted? We are super sorry that happened.

Yep, bricked my v2

I have 3 bricked or as the effected V2’s what do I need to do now🤬

Hi, @hairsarenumbered. If you want to contact the Wyze support team about this issue, click on the link below. They will take care of this for you.

Start a Support Ticket

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Thank you

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