Notifications when no motion is detected (lack of motion)


Would love to be able to setup wyze sense motion detection to have an alert when there is no movement for a certain amount of time. For monitoring elderly parents. If no movement in the hall for 12 hours I would be alerted. Great products. Got mine this week. Loving these.


There is any way that the Wyze camera motion detection can be set-up to alert when there has been No motion detected for a specific time lapse? like 8hrs.
I have a Wyze camera at my elderly mother’s apartment monitoring the main living area and entry door. I live very faraway. And It will be fantastic to get an alert when the camera does not detect ant movements for a long period of time.
I will appreciate knowing if that feature is possible to be configured.
Thank you


You can do it with the current app and Wyze Motion Sensor.