Notifications not working

Anyone else having issues with getting notifications. I have tried everything they are still not working.

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Hi, the only notifications you will see are push notifications to your phone. On Android you can set the way you would like the notifications to display. Make sure notifications are enabled for the Wyze app.


I have an iPhone 8 plus and an iPad Air third generation and the notifications are coming through just fine. Make sure in the app you have the notifications turned on. And then make sure in settings for the app that you have notifications turned on. If I can help any further just reply and let me know if you have any questions.

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I found the problem. On the main screen of the app in account I had notifications turned off. The support page helped me figure it out.

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Hi. Do your badges show 1,2 or 3 or any numbers ? (The little red dot over the app icon when looking at all app icons ? I’m reading badges don’t work for ios

Hi. But your badges ain’t working right ?

Badges don’t work

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anywhere to upvote this ? i want them to work !!!