Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

Just bought Wyze cameras and experiencing the same as this thread. Ticket Number 278507, if no resolution… I’ll have to return the cameras.

Just bought my wyze camera, motion sensor and door sensors - push notifications not working on any of them. Super frustrating. I have gone through all the steps listed above to troubleshoot, even deleted and reinstalled the app twice. Ticket 278651

Check the Bell at the top right of the home page If there is a line through the Bell your notifications are off.

Thanks! but like i said i have tried all the suggestions from above comments. nothing working.

Bell does not have a line through it. Push notifications are enabled. iPhone settings for notifications are enabled. Volume is on/all the way up. Events are recorded, but still no notifications.

Ticket No. 278741

Same experience. Might just end up returning if notifications haven’t been working for a year.

sorry I missed that part

If you are not getting notifications And you tried everything , It’s Time to send in a support request through the app with logs

My notifications are NOT coming through at all and all are turned ON and firmware was updated as soon as I got the cam pans… I will be returning them if the notifications don’t start working and I’ve emailed support as well and … crickets!

Are you getting the events recorded, I am assuming you have the 12 second cloud clips but you arebt seeing notifications that anything saw motion?

I can see the event clips in the app but not getting ANY push notifications at all

Yep, events are recording; and I can look at events and live feeds but do not receive notifications.

Hey, foks! If you’re having trouble with your notifications, please fill out this form to contact our team and let me know what ticket number you receive.

Submit a request – Wyze

@enley, I’m sending your ticket number over now.

278651 Is mine- I’ve already tried the generic steps sent to restart everything. Nothing is working.

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So I ran into the same notification problem others are having. App is recording events but notifications are not being pushed. Had the product since yesterday with no notifications received and many events recorded. Was about to return the product, but this morning I decided to clear the system cache on my phone (Galaxy s6) and voila I’m receiving notifications. Google how to do this on your phone. Mine is through the boot recovery menu, an option called “Wipe cache partition”. Do not choose the menu option “wipe data / factory reset”! Hope this helps!


Thank you, @whaiken! We appreciate you letting us know!

@as241781, I’ll send your ticket number to the team.

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@whaiken Thanks. I just went through this entire process with my iPhone 8. Got rid of 5 very large apps, restarted my phone, and still no notifications. Checked my Events in Wyze, and there are new events after I did the cache clear, but still no notifications.

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My ticket number 278741, btw.

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I’m not familiar with iPhones, but with Android you can clear the cache data for individual apps (which I did not try) or you can clear the system cache partition where temporary system files are stored (which did work for me). I clear the system cache partition whenever my phone slows down, battery drains fast, gets glitchy or looses communication with various connected devices. It seems to clear things up every time. Maybe there is a separate system cache for iPhones as well?

My ticket is 278795 and it’s my second one