Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

Yes in this thread, some guys are asking to uninstall and install the app back in iphone. When i do that, am afraid that i need to bring all the cameras down and pair it again…

all the info is at wyze in your account

You will not need to re-add your devices if you uninstall and reinstall the app.

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Thanks Dread…still is not working…so frustrated with Wyzecam…always some issue.

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try looking it on the other device before resetting. Old android phone someone junked and cheap tablet.
I am using a kindle 8 with play store more and more.

If there are zz’s on the bell at top of home screen, notifications are turned off. Click on bell to turn on.

Idk if this will help anyone else, but I was having the same issue for like two weeks. I tried everything in the app. I eventually unplugged the bridge from the camera and then plugged it back in. After the blue light showed solid, I got my notifications again

So, just got a Wyze cam v2 and same issue here.

I’ve shared the cam with my partner. We have identical android phones. He receives the notifications, I do not. Notifications are allowed on both our apps, but I do not get the events (unless I specifically launch the app and check for them)

I have checked all the settings, notifications are enabled everywhere I can find them. It is bizarre that they work for one person but not another. If no notifications were received I’d look to a comms issue but clearly notifications are working, just not for me.

N.B. The camera is registered to my account

I noticed I went from updates while camera was plugged in to nothing after last firmware update. Do you advise uninstalling and reinstalling app - if that will fix the issue, or is it a firmware issue?

Refreshed, check notifications in app and in settings, and nothing. Super frustrating because I shouldn’t have to run the app constantly to figure out what’s going on where my camera is. :’(

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