Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

I don’t have an iphone. I have everything on. I’m a android guy even though I work at the Apple space ship campus. Just don’t like apple products. I have exhausted every effort and even dealing with tech support with no luck. As there turn around time is very slow. I guess you get what you pay for. The price drawed me to this company. But support is lacking there and I’m not the only one who have stated this. Time to move on as my family is my biggest concern and these are not doing it for me. Thanks for the help but everything everyone stated I did and still nothing.

There is no push notification under event recording

So I just don’t understand. Isn’t that how you tell your cammera when to start ? Or are you saying you have to use the SD card to get it to send notifications?

@unclemarko67 you do not need an SD card to get notifications

Thanks. It’s been moved to a Notifications section at the same level as Event Recording. I will update my canned text.

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Hello! Submitted a ticket 369724. Same issues, all notifications/push on in app and on iOS. Only realized alerts weren’t working after a successful theft in my vehicle :frowning:

I solved my issue by installing an SD card (32GB); click the cam, click the gear icon (top right), event recording, turn on “Detects Motion”. Apparently you do need an SD card to get notifications and/or have event recording turned on.

And another year later … I updated iOS app. I updated the firmware. Deleted camera from app, then reconnected. Notifications again only worked for 1 day before the setting toggled off by itself. It’s been the same problem ever since I bought the camera.

It’s going in the garbage - .

I had the same problem. Try this, under “Event Recording” tap, turn on Detects Motion.

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This did the trick!!! thank you.

Same issue here. All notifications are enabled and still not 1 notification.

Please review the following and if it doesn’t help, please make a Support Request. It may be a server-side issue that needs attention from support.

There are three places to control push notifications:

  1. Per camera in the cameras Settings > Event Recording > Send Push Notification. This can be controlled by the camera owner or shared user and will affect both. This does affect Smoke/CO Alarm push notifications.

  2. Globally on an account basis by tapping the bell icon on the top right of the home screen, or using the switch in Account > Notifications. This affects only the owners or shared users login account on all devices they have logged in to the Wyze app. Make sure the bell icon does not have a slash through it.

  3. In the phone’s OS settings, which can enable or disable all notifications from any particular app. This applies to only that particular phone/tablet. (Note: this is not possible in some versions of Android.)

You can think of the three notification control options as three concentric rings or gates. If the inner gate (level-1, per camera) is closed, no notifications get beyond that level. If the gate is open, then the notification can attempt to get past the next level (level-2, account), etc.