Notifications not working - Push notifications ON



Camera is connected and recording clips but I am not getting any notifications. I have Push Notifications turned on. Firmware is updated. All else is working fine. Thank you!


This is exactly my issue as well. I see the camera following with the green box around the subject however I have yet to receive a notification.


I guess I should feel lucky My notification Alerts Are coming in, although Anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour late


Sorry to hear this, wizearse and mizzzcat! As a quick check, do you have push notifications for the Wyze app enabled in your phone or tablet’s settings?

HDRock, we’re sorry to hear about that issue, too. :frowning:

You all may want to contact customer support using this form:


I have a ticket on it .
Jason said In his email on Nov 27 " the dev team got back to me and this will be fixed in the next app version"
He resolved the ticket for now
So , we will see , The cams are still useful But it will be nice if it gets fixed , It Started in September
They didn’t find anything wrong when I ran Route This


Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad to hear that we have a fix coming up for you. :slight_smile:




Second this. Even the “push notification” toggle in settings keeps turning itself off? Not sure why this is happening?

Seems to occur when I turn the camera off and back on again. I do this quite frequently as I turn the camera off when I am home and on when I am away with a Life360 IFTTT command.