Notification zone over top of motion detection zone


It would be nice to set a notification zone over top of a detection zone. For example, this would allow me to detect (record) someone walking down my sidewalk, but only get notifications if they walk near my front door. I still want to record cars that may have stopped in front of my house, but only get notifications if they pulled into my driveway.


First off, you should vote for your own Roadmap.

If I understand this, you want one zone to trigger the 1 minute SD recording and a second zone to trigger the push notification and 12 second video. iirc, Rick has been saying this or something like this actually exists where the SD recording has its own sensitivity and zone, just we don’t see it.


Don’t want to toot my own horn…

I think you got it. As of today I can record continuously, but no motion events are “marked” in the timeline. For that reason I set my configuration to record on motion. Now each recording may be of value since motion was detected, but I really only want notification (from the app) if that motion was within a “sub zone” of that motion detection zone. E.g. car pulling into my driveway or someone walking up to my porch vs. just a car driving by.

I could simply set the motion detection zone to ignore the street, but I would like the ability to capture any car stopping in front of my house (aka. casing the place)


That would be useful for me also so I can just set it to have the notification pushed to my phone if only someone walks up my stairs to my apartment rather then just walking past on the sidewalk.