Notification video sometimes not uploading to cloud [Moved]



I have a camera setup monitoring the front door. However, sometimes when I get push notification of motion, and when I checked the app notification tab, no videos is located (refreshed) too. I say maybe 1/3 chance won’t get uploaded.


any ideas?


I sometimes have the same issue. The morning is 1/24 I got several notifications without any videos


Common issue,read the other posts.


me too



could this be due to the bandwidth from all the wyzecam users? Like I wouldn’t mind if the same motion detection recording be done locally on the SD card.


I ran into this for the first time just now. I picked on a few hours old notification video and first got the blank grey “downloading”/“does not exist” screen. After about a minute, I backed out and went back in, I got a black screen. I backed out a third time and went back in, it was there.

Android 7.1.1
Wyze app 1.2.32