Not recording events

I am having an issue with my cameras not recording events. I set it to record sound and motion and the schedule is set to all day. It stops recording events and when I go back and look the schedule is 17:00 - 17:00 the next day which is fine but the motion and sound is off. I can exit out go back in and it’s the way I set it again. Everything is up to date, I’ve uninstalled the app, tried it on a different phone, and hard reset the cameras with no luck. Can anyone help? I’m assuming it’s an app issue.

what firmware and app version you using?

are you using android or IOS?

I was also clear the cache for the wyze app just to get rid of any possible residuals

Am also having issues with the cam being off when I don’t open the app for a while, and missing alerts, motion detection or sound detection recordings

do you by chance have animals or is it plugged into a “smart outlet”?

All my cameras did an update and it fixed the issue. Apparently they knew it was an issue. Even when I went to what’s new it said it was going to fix motion detection issues.

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glad you got it working

Thank you…