Not receiving texts on 47mm watch - iPhone

Not receiving texts notifications on my 47mm Wyze watch. Yes the firmware in up to date. Yes “Do Not Disturb” is turned off. Yes I’ve restarted my phone and the watch. Yes notifications for text messages are turned on. I can receive calls, Facebook messages, and all other notifications that I’ve turned on, but I’m not getting texts.

Same issue here. Been this way for at least a month. Alerts show on phone but not watch. There is an occasional alert that gets through. iPhone 7 and gen 3 watch. All devices and apps are up to date.

Had this issue too. Finally found the fix. For Iphone users, go under setting, then notifications. Go down to options and make sure that either “always (default)” or “when unlocked” is selected. If “never” is selected then you will not receive notifications. I also made sure to have text messages and other applications were selected in the app to receive notifications. Everything worked fine after that. Hope that helps.

I just reviewed all settings mentioned above. All were previously selected I toggled them off and on again. Will see if there is any difference.