Not getting notifications from Ring 2 doorbell on my Band

I have notifications from my RIng doorbell turned on in the Wyze phone app, but i don’t get the notices on my Band. Has anyone got this to work yet?

What kind of phone do you have? This may seem like a silly question but do you get notifications going to your phone but not being forwarded to your band?

Not silly at all. I have a Samsung 8+ and I get the Ring notifications on the phone as expected.

there are several apps where notifications don’t flow to the band…

Are you saying it won’t ever work or I just need to wait for an update at some point to resolve this?


I believe it will be resolved in a update, but not really sure…I thought I read somewhere someone from Wyze saying there was a issue with Google…the conversation was talking about no notification for Google Hangouts


I just got a notification from my ring 2 bell and have never recieved it before now.

I found this post when searching about that new event for me.

Mine just started working about a week or two ago as well. Pretty fast alerts when someone walks up or rings the bell.

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