Not all notifications work on wyze watch

Did you have any luck with notification sync on iphone since posting this? My partner has his watch connected to his iphone and is not receiving text message notifications. I’m on my Pixel 2 and having no issues…

I get text messages on an iPhone 12 and when calls come in I am notified, but that’s it. No other apps, not even Wyze sends notifications. I do find the Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and causes missed notifications. There is no special access menu for iPhone. Either it’s listed as having access or it’s not

Wow, that’s crazy. I swear i followed the same path 4 times, but that did it. Thanks a bunch!

I have the iPhone XR and get all notifications except text messages. HELP!

Does anyone have it figured out???


I turned on the notifications for “other apps” in the Wyze watch settings and now get Wyze notifications BUT get notifications for ALL apps now. Not sure I like that

THANK YOU!! This worked perfectly on my Pixel 3.

Happy to help! Glad to hear it helped someone else!

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I also do not receive notifications for my texts, iPhone 11. Need a fix!

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If you allow your iMessages to be previewed on the phone it will appear on your watch


Thanks that fixed it!!

Hello, Thanks for the help mine is work now.

Worked for my Pixel 2xl…thanks!

Thank You! It worked.

The special apps access worked on Google Pixel 5. I almost stopped wearing my watch because of this. Glad I checked the forums again today. After toggling both of the wyze notifications on i’ve been getting everything I expected.

Thank you!

Had my Wyze watch for weeks and it was driving me nuts why it wasn’t notifying me even though I had turned everything else on. It was that special app access. Pixel 3a phone.

Thanks again!

THIS is the solution! THANKS

REF: If you allow your iMessages to be PREVIEWED on the iPhone it will appear on your watch!!!