Not able to buy thi their website

Continuing the discussion from Early Access and still unable to buy outdoor cam:

I try 2 time buying it. At first it say go through. But then couple day it cancel mine order
I even call and asked. The rep blame on mine credit card issue, even though I use a debit card of 2 different bank. And mine order still got canceled till now

Are your debit or credit cards issued by a US bank? Wyze does not currently accept non US cards.

I didn’t bother to try again after the cancellation. I’ll give it another shot in the future.

Just to be clear the early access period is now over. When the WCO is released publicly will be the next time it will be available for purchase. Wyze has not yet set that date.

I’m not really concerned at this point. Order cancelled, YouTube TV price increase, Amazon Subscribe & Save products delayed…the Internet and I are at odds lately.


You and the rest of us I imagine. :wink:

I blame Bill Paxton’s ghost and the humidity.


Try us bank debit card and credit cards didn’t work either

Is your shipping AND billing address US based?

Yes it is

I would pursue this with both your bank and Wyze support.

I tr on mone end of the bank they told me their wasn’t any problems.
After vall wyze the rep blame on mine end bank problems. Which was incorrect. The charge wasn’t never made to the card at all.
Even thought I try to place more orders of the camera
Anyway I guess they don’t want ur business

The problem is probably with the clearing house which is like a middleman. Your only help there is going to be your bank which sounds like they are not being very helpful.

But no worries, I am sure you can find something on Amazon you like.