Noise detection (bark, cry)

My dog barks, I check my camera. Let’s automate this process!
Use Wyze Cam as a baby monitor while their lullabies play in the background to sooth them to sleep? Get a noise alert when a cry is recognized!
Someone else mentioned glass-breaking detection. That would be handy, too.

Current software supposedly detects fire alarms, maybe there’s a way to program it for a barking dog or a crying baby.

I feel like this must have already been requested but I can’t find it. I need a notification/detection specific to a baby crying and not just a sound of a certain volume.
A use case beyond the obvious cry sound is for a room that has a loud sound machine on for white noise to help the baby sleep but the camera knows the difference when a baby wakes up and cries.

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Wyze really needs to build a better baby monitor or implement an upgrade for the pan cam or others to listen for crying and notify the user.

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My neighbor is complaining that my dog “barks all the time.” I feel this is an exaggeration and would like to gauge how much my dog is actually barking. I’ve seen other cameras advertise bark detection and think Wyze should add bark detection since I think a lot of the users, like me, are using their cameras to check in on their dogs.