Noise Cancellation mode turning off randomly while using

First let me say I love the noise cancellation feature on these headphones! Working in a woodshop with loud tools these are very effective. The trouble I’m running into is that the headphones switch into transparency mode seemingly randomly thus drastically amplifying the ambient (loud!) noise. I can hit the left button to re-activate noise cancelling, which works only temporarily before they switch back out of that mode. I haven’t been able to determine what is causing this as sometimes it is within a few minutes of use, other times it might not happen for 20-30 minutes. I have yet to be able to wear these for more than 20-30 min with uninterrupted noise canceling, having to re-engage the mode with the left button. This has happened with the headset paired to my Iphone as well as to my PC and always while music is playing (the music is not interrupted or paused when this occurs). Anyone seeing the same thing? Any fixes out there? Thanks!

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I’m seeing the same thing. My headphones are also connected to both my phone and my pc at the time. NC seems to turn off after a short while, not sure when. I keep having to turn it back on.

Anything from a Wyze professional on this? I’ve submitted trouble tickets (no response). This is very frustrating and can be unsafe when working in a loud environment. I would like to see this issue resolved if I am to continue using (and recommending) the Wyze Headphones.