No Y connection on control board. Help!

Please help. There is no connection for y on the control board. Just c. There is a y connection on the thermostat. But no c. I’ve included some pictures one of which is the diagram.
I guess I can only include one pic as a “new” user. Picture is the control board connection. I’ll post the diagram and thermostat in comments.

the Y wire at the tstat most likely is going straight to the AC unit, along with C from the control board. It would probably be helpful to post a wider shot at the control board showing all wiring.

Have you checked behind the tstat for any extra wires that arent being used, maybe wrapped around the cable? If there is none, you’ll need to install the C wire adapter, but I’m unsure on the wiring w/o Y. @speadie will know.

The main board picture may not be the connection to the thermostat. Check for wire bundle with knobs from there. More pics.

I think cf7 is on the right track. Look for where the thermostat wire enters the furnace, Just because it doesn’t go to the furnace board doesn’t mean that the wire isn’t in the furnace. The schematic shows the Y wire going through a wire connector block somewhere.

Thanks all. Here are more pics.
The first three pics are where the wires come from the thermostat. The c and y wrap together in that cap. I included a couple of where they go from there and tried to get a better view of the area with the control board but space is cramped.

Your wire bundle next to furnace power switch shows where the Y (A/C) wire is. If trace down it goes to another board.

You can use Wyze adaptor without pulling additional wirefrom furnace to Tstat.

But if it is easy to pull additional wire. You just tap that wire to C and you are set.

This looks like a package unit - outdoor unit, all in one with the compressor, coils, and furnace/ air handler contained in one enclosure.
The yellow wire in this wire nut on that contacter should be the Y wire.
The blue wire on the other side of the contacter coil will be the common or C wire. Make sure the power is off when working inside this unit, The high voltage terminals are exposed and would be easy to accidentally brush your hand against.

The easiest way to hook up the C adapter would be to cut the blue wire inside the furnace and splice in another length of wire to it and run that wire to the outside of the unit where the other wire nuts are.
Whatever color that new wire is, it should be labeled C, and connected to the C wire on the C adapter. Then you would attach the yellow Y wire from the furnace to the Y wire on the C adapter, and the blue Y wire from the thermostat to the terminal strip on the C adapter. The Red wire coming from the furnace would be connected to the R wire on the C adapter, and the Red wire from the thermostat would be connected to the R terminal. The White wire coming from the furnace should be connected to the W wire on the C adapter, and the white wire from the thermostat should be connected to the W terminal on the C adapter. Lastly, the Green wire from the furnace should be connected to the G wire on the C adapter, and the green thermostat wire should be connected to the G on the terminal strip.
Then you would connect the green wire at the thermostat end of the wire to the C terminal on the wyze.